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MOBILE THERAPIST: Northampton & Monroe Counties

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Vacancy # MT2021-01
Position #
# of Openings 1
Category Mental Health Services
Employment Hourly
Salary $25-$29/hr. - see description
Calendar Days See Description
Published Date 07/02/2020
Target Fill Date N/A 
Closing Date N/A 
Location Northampton & Monroe Counties
Wind Gap, PA
Experience 0-2 years
Degrees / Certificates Master's Degree / Doctorate Degree / PA Licensed Social Worker / PA Licensed Psychologist / PA Licensed Prof. Counselor
Contact Information:
Contact information is not available.

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Licensed Mental Health Professional supervised by Licensed Doctoral Level Psychologist or by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist or an individual with a graduate level mental health degree from a program that requires a supervised clinical practicum experience and at least one year's experience in the provision of mental health services to children, adolescents, and families.  Periodic trainings and supervision required to meet Department of Public Welfare regulations.

*License recommended but not required.

Provide solution-focused treatment that will focus on helping clients learn to respond to their daily environment in a practical and productive manner.  Emphasis will be placed on client's current needs, functions, and support systems as they relate to needs.

Pay Range $25/hr-$29/hr


$25/hr- Master’s Degree in a Human Services field with paid 1 year paid full time experience as a counselor/therapist in an individual, group and family counseling environment


$26/hr-1000 hours of MT services provided plus satisfactory performance review (see attached)


$27/hr-An additional 1000 hrs of MT services provided (overall total of 2000 hrs) plus a satisfactory performance review


$28/hr-An additional 1000 hrs of MT services provided (overall total of 3000 hrs) plus an additional satisfactory performance review


$29/hr- An additional 1000 hrs of MT services provided (overall total of 4000 hrs) plus an additional satisfactory performance review

**1000 hours is roughly an average of 22 service hours per week over the course of a 48 week year.***

Application Procedure

As openings occur, your application packet will be screened and reviewed by the program administrator. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contact by the administrator regarding an interview date and time.


If you are recommended as a finalist for a position, you will need to have all credentials (including School Personnel Health Record) submitted in order to be recommended to the Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 Board of Directors for hire. This will include completing an Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 and showing originals of documents you wish to submit to establish employment identity and work authorization. This will be handled through the Recruitment Office.


School Personnel Health Form – READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION.


This form is not required for you to be an active candidate. Please DO NOT have the form completed unless you are directed by a recommending administrator or the Human Resources Office.

If you are recommended as a finalist for a position, you will be required to have a pre-employment medical examination – physical and tuberculosis (TB) test. All results (physical and TB) must be recorded on the School Personnel Health Record. No other forms are acceptable. The physical and TB are at your own expense. If the physical is performed by a Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, the Physician must also sign; the TB test may be done by a physician or licensed health care provider. All areas of the physical and TB test must be completed, signed, and properly dated.


Physical and TB results within the last three months of receipt will be accepted if they are recorded on the School Personnel Health Record. Dates of results longer than three months of our receipt will not be accepted.

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