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MONITOR: Northampton & Monroe Counties

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Vacancy # 2021-294
Position # TRANS M MR
# of Openings 1
Category Bus Van Driver/Monitor
Employment Hourly
Salary $13.01 per hour
Calendar Days Student In-Session Days
Published Date 01/05/2021
Target Fill Date N/A 
Closing Date N/A 
Location Northampton & Monroe Counties
Wind Gap, PA
Experience 0-2 years
Degrees / Certificates
Contact Information:
Contact information is not available.

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Must have a Valid Driver's License and able to lift 50 pounds.


Must have basic computer skills to utilize both CIU-20 computer-based and web-based programs.

Monitor as assigned in the Colonial Intermeditat Unit 20 servicing area

JOB GOAL:   To assist driver and students in a safe, efficient manner and fulfill the following duties and responsibilities.





1.    Assist the driver in maintaining safety by insisting upon good school bus conduct and instructing students in safe practices.

2.    Establish a positive relationship with parents, Intermediate Unit personnel and school personnel.

3.    Understand and honor conditions of employment by assisting the driver with safety and efficiency, by compiling reports as required and by recognizing and following the line(s) of authority.

4.    Assist the driver in every way possible in the educational growth and development of each child as it relates to its transportation.

5.    Assist in every way necessary to meet the adaptive physical needs of the handicapped students by:

  a.  Assisting students on and off vehicles when necessary.

  b.  Proper utilization of students’ medical equipment.

6.    Assist the driver in making phone calls to inform parents and teachers of delays in the bus schedule due to breakdowns or inclement weather conditions.

7.    Establish positive public relations to the citizens of the community by being courteous and by cooperating with individuals who come in contact with you.

8.    Physically assist students in and out of car seats when necessary.

9.    Understands and maintains confidentiality in all matters

10.  Dresses appropriately according to CIU 20 guidelines for transportation staff.

11.  Assumes responsibility for knowing and adhering to all CIU 20 policies and procedures including those in the Transportation Handbook.





1.    Attend any in-service program relating to transportation.

Application Procedure

CIU-20 employees interested in applying for this position must respond in writing or apply via the Applicant Portal by January 11, 2021 to the department and address listed below.


Recruitment Office

Human Resources and Research Services

Colonial Intermediate Unit 20

6 Danforth Drive

Easton, PA 18045-7899 FAX  (610) 515-6407


Your on-line application material will be screened and reviewed by the program administrator.   Please be certain to fill out all areas as requested; do not fill in "See Resume."   Record that information from your resume in the fields.   Upload any attachments in a "pdf" format; do not upload Word documents.


If you are selected for an interview, you will be contact by the administrator regarding an interview date and time.


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