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School Based Social Worker & Counselor: See Job Posting

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Job Title School Based Social Worker & Counselor
Vacancy # 2023-154
Position # ADM V(B)1RESOLVE NP
# of Openings 3
Category Mental Health Services
Employment Full-time 12 Months
Salary $54,285 per year
Calendar Days Full-time 12 mo. 261 days
Published Date 10/13/2022
Target Fill Date N/A 
Closing Date N/A 
Location See Job Posting
Wind Gap, PA
Experience 0-2 years
Degrees / Certificates Master's Degree / PA Licensed Social Worker / PA Licensed Prof. Counselor
Contact Information:
Contact information is not available.

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Qualifications:  Master’s Level Degree in a recognized Mental Health Clinical discipline.  Must be Licensed Social Worker or Licensed Professional Counselor. Flexible hours may be required based on individualized client needs.

Must have reliable transportation.


Management Assistant Mental Health Professional located primarily in the East Stroudsburg Area School District and also at the CIU 20 Office. 

JOB GOAL:  Under the direction of the Resolve Behavioral Health Services Management Team, the Management Assistant will act in an independent capacity as a supervisor assistant helping to monitor and implement functional assessments and behavior plans, provide direct consultation, and deliver both individual and group counseling to students and community-based youth identified as being in need of counseling services after the appropriate referrals and approvals have been obtained. 




1.  To assist in the execution of Functional Behavioral Assessments in accordance with the revised 2008 Chapter 14 Regulations.

2.  To identify students who would benefit and be able to participate in group therapy sessions.  To design, organize, and conduct group therapy sessions in classrooms as appropriate.

3.  To provide individual therapy on a weekly basis.

4.  To observe classroom environment and suggest classroom management strategies to staff.

5.  To develop and implement positive support based behavior management plans.

6.  To practice approved de-escalation strategies and to intervene in crisis situations as appropriate.  To make informed recommendations during a crisis and to provide adequate follow-up care post crisis.  To develop and maintain appropriate crisis plans for all students and youth on caseload.

7.  To strive toward, promote, and maintain a safe, non-threatening and nurturing environment built on respect for students, families, and staff.

8.  To be an active participant in team-based service recommendations and to always strive for the least restrictive placement.

9.  To provide family support services as appropriate and/or under the direction of supervisors.

10. To collaborate fully and strive to seamlessly blend mental health and educational services.

11. To assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of IEP’s, behavioral plans, and individual treatment needs.

12. To facilitate and maintain positive relationships with outside agencies, schools, administration, and staff as appropriate.

13. To assess, promote, and direct appropriate therapeutic, behavioral, and psychiatric interventions for all students and youth on caseload.

14. To complete all required paperwork under the IDEA regulations and the Mental Health regulations.

15. To complete daily documentation regarding each student including parent contacts.

16. To assist in the development of transition plans to include the transitioning of youth to lower levels of care and students to regular classrooms or less restrictive environments.

17. To prepare for and participate in all supervisory recommended trainings.

18. To attend hearings when subpoenaed or when needed for students in district and/or CIU20 Programs.

19. Act as a liaison between the Pocono Mountain School District and Resolve program staff for transitioning students into those programs.

20. Attend IEP, Interagency, Cordero and team meetings for all students/youth on caseload.


Application Procedure

Please attach two letters of reference, a copy of your license to the on-line application. Your application packet will be screened and reviewed by the program administrator. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contact by the administrator regarding an interview date and time.

If you are recommended as a finalist for a position, you will need to have all credentials (3 Clearances, School Personnel Health Record) submitted in order to be recommended to the Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 Board of Directors for hire. This will include completing an Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 and showing originals of documents you wish to submit to establish employment identity and work authorization. This will be handled through the Recruitment Office.

School Personnel Health Form – READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION.

This form is not required for you to be an active candidate. Please DO NOT have the form completed unless you are directed by a recommending administrator or the Human Resources Office.

If you are recommended as a finalist for a position, you will be required to have a pre-employment medical examination – physical and tuberculosis (TB) test. All results (physical and TB) must be recorded on the School Personnel Health Record. No other forms are acceptable. The physical and TB are at your own expense. If the physical is performed by a Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, the Physician must also sign; the TB test may be done by a physician or licensed health care provider. All areas of the physical and TB test must be completed, signed, and properly dated.

Physical and TB results within the last three months of receipt will be accepted if they are recorded on the School Personnel Health Record. Dates of results longer than three months of our receipt will not be accepted.



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